Re: our work (fwd)

David Rodger (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 08:16:42 +1000

Darren wrote:
>I'm a mathematician in the audience. Besides, why not discuss such matters
>conveniently on dance-tech if they lead to interesting dance ? There are
>discussion groups for algorithmic music composition, so dance-tech
>must surely encompass nitty-gritty algorithmic dance-composition and
>discussions. I suggest we keep chatting via private email from here on
>as regards inverted pendulums (such as below), but discussions on
>algorithms for generating dance could happily reside here.

Well, the algo-comp list at UIowa has been very quiet for about two years.
I think most of the members have migrated to the MAX list and are busy with
their brand new G3's and David Zicarelli's DSP suite for MAX. (Woo-hoo!
You don't need a NeXT and an ISPW board any more.)

Regards, David

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