Re: our work (fwd)

David Rodger (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 08:02:28 +1000

>Try it out on something simpler like the pitch of a note. Attach a random
>generator to the MIDI pitch bend controller and you get something
>irritating. Attach a randomly DRIVEN variable to the MIDI pitch bend
>controller and you get something "recognisable", perhaps interesting (like
>wind chimes driven by the "random" wind). Attach a smooth pendulum to the
>MIDI pitch bend controller and you get techno ! (Hardy ha ha :) giggle
>yoho giggle smurf).

Sure. The pitch bend value then doesn't change, thus confirming that
stasis is the main feature of techno music. (Hardy ha ha :) giggle yoho
giggle smurf).

Regards, David

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