Re: "body net quest"

Jean-Marc Matos (
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 20:17:25 +0200

Hi Wagner Brandt,

Wagner, Brandt wrote:

> A warning to all out there. There is a CAP virus encoded
> in the NetQuest Word document that was attached to the
> "body net quest" message. I just thought that I should let
> you know for those of you that don't have virus protection.
> I have enclosed a clear version of the same text.
> Brandt
> ----------------
> Wagner, Brandt
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Name: Netquest.doc
> Netquest.doc Type: Microsoft Word Document (APPLICATION/msword)
> Encoding: BASE64

I surely did not know that there was a virus in my text!It has been cleared
Thanks a lot and sorry for the unconvenience.
Jean-Marc Matos

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