"body net quest"

Jean-Marc Matos (kdmatos@worldnet.fr)
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 12:07:33 +0200

To all of you interested and/or having time to answer and/or wanting to have fun, and/or....

I will be attending a very interesting seminar on "body and technology" at the "Odyssud" Cultural Center, in Blagnac (Toulouse),
on May 15th and 16th.
More specifically I will participate, together with Paul Virilio (urbanist), Suzan Kozel and two scientists from the research center
CNES of Toulouse, to a panel dedicated to "The body on line" (I'm not quite sure about the translation).
This one will take place May 16th from 10 am to 1 pm.
As expected my participation will deal with "dance on line".
Even though I intend naturally to talk about my own experience as a choreographer, experimenting and composing with the net,
I thought it would be a lot more coherent to create some sort of an interactive platform of exchange with any of you linked in
any way to the DTZ mailing list and interested by the subject (and those of course you may also know who are not linked to the
DTZ site).
Since we will not have a direct and fast video connexion (even though we may try Cu-seeme, for example, if cameras are
available) I thought you could try to answer to a series of questions (attached and copied with this mail) which could be then
projected on the video screen available with internet connexion, during the talk.
These questions are just a proposal. Therefore open and subject to changes and suggestions.
The idea is to create a metaphor of dance related and/or connected people, exchanging, sharing, ...their ideas around these
If, by any chance you have some documentation on your experimentation, performances, shows, etc...., please feel free to send
a copy to me (in VHS Pal or NTSC, or preferably Beta SP), and the Cultural Center will send them back to you (it's also good
promotion I guess).
Well, that's all for the moment!
Tell me how you feel about the idea.
It can also be fun!
Looking forward for some feed back.
Best regards to all of you.
From Paris...Jean-Marc Matos


Have you had any „corporealš, sensorial, compositional...experience through dance and choreography in the virtual space of
the net?

Could you describe it?

What does dance „on lineš mean for you?

How do you imagine the representation of the body in the net?

What image of yourself, dancing (standing still or moving), you would want to send out in cyber space?

Dancing with someone „on lineš, is it real or virtual for you?

Can you imagine a feeling of expanded re-embodiment through such an experience of disembodiment?

How do you remember/imagine the feeling of improvising and being touched through the net?

What constraints and transformations have you felt in your way of moving, dancing, being „tele-presentš?



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