permission for references

Mary-Lou Michael (
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 20:58:22 +0000

Hi all,
I'm at the finishing stages of writing my MA paper, terribly insane
exercise but never mind! I have used some of the discussions on this
site, but I'd like to get personal permission for quoting email,
before I submit the thing.
I have used email quotes from the following people,
Richard Povall, Fri, 17oct, 1997 16:54, to the list
Richard Povall, Nov, 1997
Nick Rothwell, Fri 26Dec, 1997 21:26
Dawn Stoppiello, Tues, 22Apr, 1997 11:54
and Robert Wehsler, Wed, 31Dec, 34:30 (I think you have actually
already given me the okay, since this was from a questionnaire!)

Please email me personally, rather than over the list.
I can also tell you the exact quote if you are interested.