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sher Doruff (
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 19:03:45 +0100

I've been lurking on this list since its inception and somehow never
found the right moment for jumping into the mix. I've been working in
and around STEIM for the past few years and was totally captivated by a
new program Tom Demeyer was writing that is the obverse to his BigEye
program. Image/ine uses midi (among other things) to control video
output. I've been working with it for nearly nine months now and find it
an amazing addition to STEIM's stable of real time performance
instruments and software. Last year I participated in a BigEye workshop
at the SNDD and this year, we used Image/ine as the state-of-the-art
tool for a scenography workshop. Scott asked me to write him a synopsis
of the workshop and asked a few pertinent questions which I responded to
in an informal way. He asked me if I would send this to the list. It's
on the long side so I thought I'd attach it as a file for anyone

Nice to finally become an active presence.

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