Johannes Birringer (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 11:26:00

Announcement/To the wider community:

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 8:oo pm. Diverse Works Performance Gallery,
Houston, Texas

"between the places"

a dance-film environment
by AlienNation Co.

Johannes Birringer
Angeles Romero
Sandra Skrabanek

by AlienNation Co.
Soundfield by Francisco López


Note on the work:

The performance explores the relationships between different places (real
and virtual, concrete and imaginary) and perceptions of intimate violence.
It tells a story about pollination, the insect world, and
biotechnology/genetics to create certain links between impregnation and

Note on AlienNation Co.

AlienNation Co. is now preparing "Parachute" for the International Houston
FotoFest1998 (Febr. 27-March 29), and we will collaborate with former
Houston Ballet dancer Sandra Organ, theatre artist Gabriela Villegas,
singer Lourdes Pérez, composer Steve Paré, visual artists Tania Botelho,
Hans Staartjes, Yiannis Efstathiou, Zita Lang, Sandra Skrabanek, Lorrie
Spencer and others. Sandra Skrabanek/Mark Medina (SLS Design Productions)
join the company in preparing our first on-line webcast of"Parachute." (via
WorldLink, <>, date in late March to be announced).


Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co./DDA Studio