Re: Working Multimedia

Scott deLahunta (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 08:29:34 +0100

In response to Kirk's query regarding the Lifeforms <> Mo-Capture interface,
Thecla presented something at last year's SIGGRAPH related to this problem
called the Electric Body. She sent me the proposal and it's on the DTZ at:

Of course, maybe Theclas is 'listening' and has an update. Others must be
pursuing this 'holy grail' for computer choreographers -- maybe we hear from
some of those quarters. I believe there was a dutch team working on it, but
I'm not sure if they were associated with the Future Moves workshop
mentioned by Kirk.

If anyone is interested in reading some notes regarding Michael Saup's
'Binary Ballistic Ballet' Kirk mentioned you can see them here:

I have recently been rather quiet on the list, due to still working very
hard for the Amsterdam School of the Arts on this topic of new media and
arts education. For those of you with an interest in the topic, the final
report with recommendations (most of it in English) is at

Thanks to Mark for posting the Live-I reports. I find these workshop
diaries/ reports extremely useful... and have posted something following
this which is 'similar' in content.

I have some new pieces from Yacov Sharir and Susan Kozel to post to the crit
theory section of the list. Will do so early March, watch this list for
notice. Others feel free to send things...


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