Troika Ranch Performance (NYC)

Mark Coniglio (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 09:45:05 -0500

Dear List,

Just wanted to let you know about an upcoming gig...

Ciao, Mark


Troika Ranch Performs In New York
Thursday February 17th

Troika Ranch ( will be performing a
work-in-progress excerpt from the new work that we are creating for our
performance in New York this June. The new piece will be a reflection on
the body, and the exquisiteness of experiencing the world through it. In
this particular excerpt, three dancers emerge through a paper screens and
begin the process of discovering their bodies as if for the first time.


Here are the specifics:

17 February 1998 - 8pm
278 Bowrey
New York, NY
Info/Reservations: 212.219.3088
Tickets: $10

Mark Coniglio, Artistic Co-Director |
Troika Ranch |