Re: Working Multimedia

Yacov Sharir (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 08:39:21 -0600 (CST)

<x-rich>Hi there,

I have designed and mounted a number of event utilizing the technology
you have described, initially in Life Forms and a Video Motion Tracking
System, and in my next project (Feb 24-28, 1998) with Poser II and an
electronic MIDI interactive Dance Floor.

Considering the complexities required to master an interactive live
dance event (physical and virtual) what aspect of the technology would
you like to know about ?

Yacov Sharir.

>I'm working on an Interactive, Multimedia project. I'm

>choreographing with Lifeforms, then hopefully, I will interact with

>the computer choreography Live in performance, as well as evolving a

>way for the audience to choose which computer choreography they see.

>Also using sonar beams and pressure pads to create live music. Hope

>someone can help, any ideas for who I should contact or research (and

>address's if possible). Thanks for your help


> Michael Jones