Re: forthcoming conferences?

Keitha Donnelly Manning (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 10:21:17 -0500

Sarah Rubidge wrote:
> Does anyone know of any conferences coming up in 1998 - anywhere in the
> world will do (I have it in mind to travel!!).
> Seriously - are there any interesting dance-tech (even 'just' dance) events
> coming up in Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, in the summer of '98. contact
> email addresses would be useful
> sarah

Saw Lynn's message regarding the excellent listings of dance
conferences. Let me offer another suggestion. You could consider
subscribe to the NDAlistserve. We send the dance calendar to our
subscribers as it is received. If you choose this route your would send
a message to

message - subscribe NDAlist


Send your request to me and I can subscribe you - sometimes this is

For dance technology there are three pending conferences -

October 9-11, 1998 National Dance Association
Dance Education and Technology: Dancing with the Mouse
Winthrop University, South Carolina

October 9-11, 1998 Maryland
Arts and Technology - don't remember the complete title

February, 1999 Arizona State University
International Dance and Technology I