History of Dance and technology

Mary-Lou Michael (loulou@adam.com.au)
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 13:01:54 +0000

Hi all,
I was reading a print out from an email dated Wednesday, 23 Jul, 1997,
10:33, from Jean-Marc Matos <kdmatos@worldnet.fr>, does anyone know
who this artist is... and where I could read more about what he has
done? I've searched through some of my history books and can't find

Also, I've got this book on Performance Art, and it has a whole
section on the Triadic Ballets (1922), and Oscar Schlemmer... it's
amazing what they were doing, distorting the human body into machine
like figurines... I think the Bauhaus period is a fascinating one!

There was a Cunningham/Cage collaboration called Variations V in 1965,
that didn't use a musical score. The performance space had a grid of
'photo-electric cells', digitised images, that were controlled along
with lighting and sound, by the dancers movement. They certainly were
revolutionary! Does anyone no more about this performance?

Anyway... back to work!