Re: choreographers and composers

Mary-Lou Michael (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 12:03:40 +0000

Suzie wrote: It is far more widely accepted that a
> piece of music can be performed independently of any other art form or
> content than a piece of dance. Even though Cunningham and other have proved
> that dance can be made independently of music, very few take it to the
> logical conclusion of totally unaccompanied dance; most choreographers still
> apparently feel the need for some aural accompaniment to their dance most of
> the time, and therefore the intitiative for dance/music collaboration tends
> to come from the dance end - and also the funding.
Really interesting point! I personally can't sit through music
concerts, they drive me insane... I want to move or see something
happening. Perhaps musicians feel the same about pure dance? Perhaps
not. When I was doing my BA, we created a piece based entirely on the
dances rhythm... slapping and banging of body parts... actually Graham
Murphy's Free Radicals had a segment like this, where musicians
actually 'played' the dancers bodies... it was really effective. I
don't see why you can't have a performance without music... but I
don't see how you'd get away from rhythm!