Re: money = ability

Darren Kelly (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 11:56:07 +0100 (MET)

>Perhaps it's a sense of attrition in the face of a middle-class mediawhich
>seems to elevate it out of reach of the common man?

I think that's very unfair. As part of Xmas my friends organised tickets
to Neumeier's Nutcracker here in Hamburg. My friends are certainly
"common" people with modest wages. The tickets were DM 25-, which compares
rather well with the cinemas at around DM 15-. The performance was nothing
short of fantastic, and even if we were so far away from the stage that it
looked more like a football match at times than ballet, we could see and
hear well enough to really enjoy ourselves (and detect a couple of
offsides the referee seemed to miss). It was a very special occasion, we
felt quite honoured have the chance to discover first hand why everyone
here raves about Neumeier and team. For DM 25-.

What else do "common people" spend their money on ? How much does a
Michael Jackson or Rolling Stones concert cost ? Certainly above
DM 50-, and I believe above DM 100-. I often see concerts here in "The
Fabrik", a wonderful venue where lesser known recording and "musos"
musicians play. One can expect to pay at least DM 30- for tickets.
Goa, trance and techno dance events, the major target of youth money in
Northern Germany, typically cost DM 30- entrance.

To exactly which "elevation" are you referring. It can't be money.


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