Re: references/ National Dance Assoc.

Lesley Wheeler (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 08:44:02 +0800

>From: Mary-Lou Michael <>
>Subject: Re: references/ National Dance Assoc.
>Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 13:21:48 +0000
>Darren Kelly wrote:
> Most academics (for what they
>> are worth) consider email citations as solid as the paper the source is
>> written on. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, it just means most
>> won't care.
>Well actually Darren, my supervisor has said quite the contrary!
>Primarily because the topic is rather impoverished when it comes to
>published resources. I've found the many debated issues on this list
>quite thought provoking at times.
>Mary-Lou :)


There is actually a recognised referencing code for citing from electronic forms and, as the
Internet has a history of being a primary source of information exchange between academics - your
statement seems a little out of kilter - or are you referring to performance educators (who are not
necessarily academics, but often drawn from the industry(