seeking artist (cd-rom, animation, etc.)

Robert Wechsler (
Sun, 4 Jan 1998 23:26:59 +0100

hi all! anyone know of - or is - an artist working with projectable media?
a certain part of our current production seems to need something more...

briefly (and broadly):

- new kinds of information/stimulous
- new media alters the relationship of the senses
- human body/machine interface

- image, rather than text -based / though some text is ok too
- dynamic prefrable to static
- grabbing, "captivating" is good since an important use we have for
it is for a section which deals with the screen's eye-grabbing nature (that
eyes tend to go to it rather than to the dancers for example)

some background:

the show "Press ESCAPE!", is a dance performance basically, but the movement
of the dancers create, of modify the music and the projections. we do this
with electrodes attached to our skin and through rather special
camera-computer systems.

it is concerning these "projections" that we are looking for a collaborator.
we beam (beamer) screens from one of the 2-3 PCs we use in the show (though
a video could also be used). we use the beamer about 5 times in the show -
Usually its role is more utilitarian. that is, we use it to graphically
explain how the interaction functions. the audience can see aspects of the
software working, so to speak, which helps explain things.

But this is not its only role,

an example of a more "artistic" use of the beamer is our piece called
s.e.t.i., in which three dancers "draw" on the screen with three different
colors according to where they go on stage.

And there is a section early in the show where something should happen on
the screen quite for its own sake. (this is the "grabbing" thing i
mentioned earlier).

Please see our web site (below) or write me back for more details.
we are still quite open to possibilities!
But please act quickly! Premiere is February 12! European tour 1998/99.
A few minutes of material is needed. Some compensation is available.

-robert wechsler

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