Re: Launching "Parachute"

Johannes Birringer (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 15:50:18 -0600

dear listmembers:

AlienNation Co. is pleased to announce its incorporation as a non-profit
arts organization.

We are building a new ensemble of performance, media, digital art
practitioners, an outreach program for new-media arts development in the
community, and a production studio.

On Saturday, December 6, we celebrate all of this with a LAUNCH PARTY at
our studio in Houston. Everyone passing through town this weekend, you know
where you can join us. Welcome!

The launch is also intended as announcement of our new commission from the
International FotoFest 1998 (February 27-March 31), Houston. We will
produce "PARACHUTE," a site-specific series of holograms, landings and
performances in inaccessible urban territories transformed into film sets,
and a 3-week process-installation of the performance films & sound/image
files in an abandoned building. The abanoned building will beome a
temporary autonomos zone, and we hope to have on-line connection with the
world at large, preparing interfaces.

The detailed production concept will be posted on a new special website
around the end of the year. At this point the project is non-virtual, i.e.
site-specific. However, there are dimensions of our collaboration with
dancers, theatre artists, musicians, and ethnographers, which will open up
a larger connection to others working with such projects, and we hope to
have some on-line exchange of our "landings."


Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co./DDA Studio
518 Hawthorne #2
Houston, TX 77006
tel.fax +1 713 521 3325