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Thu, 4 Dec 1997 13:36:22 +0000

dear lara

i am not able to address your questions this week (due to working in paris
for a week) but when i return to england next week i will reply


>After the vagueness of my previous posting re: virtual theater, I thought it
>would be good to give a somewhat better description of what it is that I am
>looking for and why. I am presently working on a project for a theater in
>the Netherlands who is in the process of creating a virtual performance
>space, on their site, in which they invite performers (from different
>disciplines) to realize their work. Towards this end, I am surveying the
>cartography of who is doing what kind of work in this area .... hence the
>earlier posting!
>I would greatly appreciate input, and url's if possible, from the people who
>participate in this list.
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