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Claudio Pinhanez (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 16:42:16 GMT

MIT Media Laboratory Digital Life Consortium present

It / I
====== by Claudio Pinhanez
a computer theater play

"It/I" portrays two characters, "I" (played by a human actor) and "It"
(played by a computer) in a pantomime about the relation between
people and technology. The play is part of a project in Aaron Bobick's
High Level Vision group at the MIT Media Laboratory on integrating
computers into theater through computer vision. The computer playing
"It" monitors the scene with video cameras and reacts to "I"'s actions
by displaying real time computer graphics objects and synthesizing
sound. After the play, the public is invited to go up on the stage and
interact with "It".

Nov. 14, 15 8pm Nov. 16 3pm
Nov. 21, 22 8pm Nov. 23 3pm

Free to the public.

Philippe Villers Experimental Media Facility ("The Cube")
MIT Media Laboratory 20 Ames St. Cambridge, MA.
Tel: (617) 253-0485 E-mail:




with Tara Perry

Direction: Claudio Pinhanez

Production : Aaron Bobick
Technology Advisor : Aaron Bobick
Theatrical Advisor : Janet Sonenberg

Art Direction : Raquel Coelho
Scenic and Costuming Technical Direction: Leslie Bondaryk
Vision Systems: John Liu and Chris Bentzel
Control and Animation Systems: Claudio Pinhanez
Lighting Design: Rich Marcus
Sound Design and Video Direction: Freedom Baird
Piano: Monica Pinhanez

This work is supported by the Media Laboratory's Digital Life
consortium, in collaboration with the MIT Music and Theater Arts