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Richard Povall (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 08:42:04 -0500

>are we saying that it's just not good enough to dance - will we
>become addicted to the power of technology? are we saying that the
>human body is just not good enough - or as stellark would say that
>the human body has become obsolete?

No, I don't think any of those things. I'm doing the work I'm doing
because it is based in the primacy of the body. The body is far from
obsolete when all the work is rooted in the body, including movement and
utterance. I'm certainly not saying that "traditional" dance is obsolete
either. It's the old "there are still plenty of good tunes to be writted
in the key of C" argument. The fact that many of us on this list choose to
use technology to extend or enhance (although I think "extend" is far more
applicable here) does not mean that we believe that other dance forms have
become obsolete or need "improving".

My interest (or I should say, our interest, because the collaborative
nature of this work is it's essence) in working with movement and utterance
- and having the words written and spoken by the performer also be
controlled and manipulated by the performer - simply arises from the fact
that we find these ideas interesting to work with. The peculiar
combination of backgrounds in movement, physical theatre, writing,
performing, and music/sound composition all come together in this work.

Please don't think I'm negating anything else - ever.

Anyone else care to join in this dialogue?


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