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Darren Kelly (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 15:32:34 +0200 (MST)

Dear Dance-Tech,

The recent conversations with Palindrome, remarks by Christopher, and
my discussions about the difficulty in using maths to explain the
physical sense behind particular motions exploiting the properties of
particular sensors to dancers have given me an idea.

How would you like me to hold a brief workshop on physics, maths,
and signal processing for Dance & Technology, with an emphasis on
explaining what I call Motion-To-Sense algorithms ? There should be
a limited number of speakers and sufficient relief from the physics
through other speakers discussing experience with particular algorithms
for achieving performance idioms. Other speakers might discuss
"front-end technologies" (sensors and methods for detecting motion).

I could, for example, divide my sessions into:

(1) Introduction to the physics of motion,
(with an emphasis on terms and their meaning with
understandable examples).
(2) Signal processing and triggering.
(3) Driving output devices with MIDI.

What do all think ? I imagine a three day workshop. Morning theory,
afternoons applications.

I can't organise such a thing through my current institute in Germany, and
won't be affiliated with one until sometime after my return to Oz in
May 1998, so the workshop would have to take place elsewhere, where
modest presentation facilities are available (conference room, preparation
room, overhead, blackboard, video). If someone could offer a location, the
organising team could be formed of:

Local organising secretary (facilites, invitations, mail,
Scientific secretary (DK)
Performance secretary
Technology secretary

Any takers ? Richard ?


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