Re: motion tracking

Christopher Sumpton (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 01:39:42 -0700 (PDT)

aha yes,
monitoring the body in question is more accurate in terms of what the body
is actually doing. (hopefully copies of the lit. you cited is available
here in Canada.) but still we are talking about the change in measurement
between an active system and restful system. in thinking about monitoring
the body's systems and all the wires we would need... the brain is really
complicated bundle of wires; would we be able to sense the signal from the
brain to the muscle system: not just monitor the amount of muscle
movement. i think that monitoring the actual signal is getting closer to
to being more accurate about what is happening.

the signal from the brain will also tell us alot about the state of the
body - interpreting the signals and data as neurologists do...

i think the body-suit idea needs to be modified... thinking about what
darren was saying... why are we trying to monitor and amplify the output
from the speakers (in a audio component) when we could be monitoring and
amplifying the signal from the source...

are we trying to duplicate a body system - and by so doing are we saying
that we can improve upon it?