Re: Personal mail and moderation

Darren Kelly (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 17:32:22 +0200 (MST)

Dear personally inclined and threaded,

I understand that the nature of personal messages and the personal nature
of messages on this group must be discussed, so we can't just kill this
Re: Personal thread. After all, you all seem to know each other
"personally". But isn't it possible to resolve it soon with a vote or some
such ? Or get personal with each other personally. Otherwise there'll be
no more bandwidth for me to waste with tangerines about technical
implementation of MIDI controllers.

Not that I pay for bandwidth, being a member of the sibling institute
to CERN, inventors of the WWW.

I tend to agree with Mark. Personal messages are OK as long as
people think first about the suitability. Just use your heads.
After all, it isn't a big deal skipping to the next mail message:

Just one little key and that annoying mail is OUT OF HERE.

If it's bandwidth you're worried about you're better off writing
to me to tell me to shut up,

so ist das nun mal (that's just how it is)


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