Re: Personal mail and moderation

Mark Coniglio (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 09:35:33 -0500

>Susie Ramsey said:
>Although we may represent a minority(?) on the list, I am voting with
>Dennis Diamond and David Rodger against receiving messages of a personal
>nature. Personally, I find posts that reproduce entire texts of previous
>messages with only "thanks" or "great" attached to them quite annoying and
>would prefer not to receive them.

My feelings about this is as follows: I don't mind the personal messages,
but I do, like Susie, get annoyed with the reproduction of a long message
with a one word response. I think sharing congratualatory messages is
appropriate here, but perhaps we can make them a bit more significant in
their content. This will benefit both the target of the congratulations and
the rest of the list.


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