Re: grewbook/kiwiana/bantaba

Stephan Koplowitz (
Tue, 02 Sep 1997 22:44:59 GMT

You can find the email diaries there....I've been too overwhelmed with
producing the show to keep up with them and to have more submitted but there
they are....I think you may be disappointed by the fact that there are so few
submissions (or relieved) is simply out of the fact that there isn't more
time in the day....although I will try to get new ones in during the next two

Also, I'd love to comment on stuff Scott has written but there again I'm just
swamped and will try to do so after the 17th....but the numbers
grow in terms of submissions, so does the "nature" of the project.....but I am
making an attempt to include ALL submissions to the Promenade section of the
web site into at least one of the two dance works being performed...we are
creating four different 10 minute tapes that will include the "phrases" people
have submitted to the site and will be listened to and interpreted by the 22
dancers as they perform in the park traversing one end of the gravel promenade
to the next.....The other dance piece is more formal and conventional and I
have simply taken selected phrases from the site and used them to create a
site-specific work for the great lawn and benches.....the vocabulary of the
work is taken from the 15 photos from the web site and from words people have
written about selected phrases submitted...

In the other sites, each artist who is performing material from that site is
selecting which works they wish to interpret....

wish I could stay longer.....


Packer Collegiate Institute
Brooklyn, NY USA