RE: Crimes...

Johannes Birringer (
Sat, 30 Aug 97 03:34 +0100

sorry to hear about Scott's experience. Hello Scott, can you hear us?
Where are you.

Same happened the last day when I went to see the staff to pay for our rooms in
Hellerau art colony, where we stayed during our Dresden workshop. I was told
that all computers had been lifted, with all files. The secretary mentioned to
me it must have been an "inside job". What is an inside job stealing someone's
computer plus memory? Memory theft?


I read Diane's response and feel that I am in the same boat, not quite ready yet
for the online/net performance and transaction, but soon.

To Nik: I looked at the Blackbook and feel that this must have been a
tremendous work to accomplish, and am trying to imagine how helpful it will be,
and want to send congratulations.
I only spent a short while looking into its holding, searched under companies
and cities (Houston, more or less empty, Los Angeles, 24 entries). Under
companies I saw listings of some well known ones, but several I entered into
search are not existent yet (Twyla Tharp is there, Bill T. Jones not), among
others not there most of us folks here who have companies. mmmmh.mmmmh.
Some search results puzzled my, e.g. under presenting organizations I found a
listing of a high school in Houston.
In any case, this could be an invaluable guide and archive, so keep on, and I am
sure you will be getting feedback and more input over time.

regards to all,
Johannes Birringer