RE: open rehearsals
Fri, 29 Aug 1997 12:44:11 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all.
I don't know where I was--literally and figuratively--when Amanda first
posted her idea about jams and open rehearsals. I am sure glad it has
continued to surface. My brain must have been saturated w/ a thousand other
things, and my lack of response to it having to do w/ nothing but an advanced
state of New Yorkitis.
Anyway, I ditto Johannes, in that I really like the idea. The kind of sharing
proposed sounds like it would be a good creativity stimulator--and I am very
interested in getting a more tangible sense of the work of list contributors,
most of whom I have never seen perform and have little knowledge of outside
this context.
One concern I have if the sessions are going to consist of other than
exchanged notes/written material is whether I have the software necessary to
do anything else. Perhaps I could join other interested dance-techies in NYC
w/ more sophisticated systems--or start to upgrade mine. I will watch out as
the idea develops to see which path makes most sense and how to go about
pursuing it.
Thanks again, Amanda, for the thoughts.