Re: indigestion?

Stephan Koplowitz (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 22:03:20 GMT,Internet writes:
>- the whole world can see it for free?

Dear Amanda,
Yes, this is a form of hype and you're right, in hindsight, we didn't need to
have that on the site but I've said this before, this is my very first project
involving the web and I've made plenty of mistakes and misteps (this being one
of them). The above text was written simply to get people excited about the
project. BUT, excuses aside, you're right, it is is stretching
reality and fact....(the word "world wide web" is itself a misnomer for the

>u cannot seperate the time we live in from the net we live in - we're
>soaked in, and the net is only a part of the big sponge
>u cannot invite the wh
>ole world 2 an event when u know the whole world
>can't get in
>u should not contribute 2 this hype (My opinion - mayb I'm too prudish)

you are not prudish...point taken...I'm looking into revising the text....


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Brooklyn, NY USA