Re: indigestion?

Amanda Steggell (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 23:51:12 +0200 (MET DST)

answering Stephan:

yes I am concerned about indegestion - and congestion

>Also, we live in a time (with the web that is) when our minds and ideas
>are way
>ahead of what's possible technologically. I think it's easy to be cynical
>the web, I am all the time, even about my own project gotta start

No, It's not cynisim that getting to me.
Just got a real live visit from Palindrome Robert (Hi robert!) and Helena
(Imade lunch, b.t.w:) who wouldn't have visited me had we both not been on
this list :) through this connection :)

Now, I know we'v discussed ur project b4 - I'v been reading through the
back postings from list members - my memory has been jogged back 2 these
postings and triggered my last mail bcoz of ur postings about the new
happenings in Webbed Feats. (I try 2 follow most of the info. and
references here as best I can.)
Jogging back:
to the Bryant Park,
after the title page:

What makes this performance different is you - the global audience. Your
input over the course of the next 6 weeks will shape, form and determine
the outcome of the performances. Then, on September 17th, under the
artistic direction of Stephan Koplowitz in cooperation with the Bryant Park
Restoration Corporation, the whole world will be able to see it for free as
it is presented live in the park and cybercast from this site.

- the whole world can see it for free?

I have very big problems with this, NOW as I had b4, though I didn't post
about it, others have -though mayb not directly refering 2 webbed feats,
and I'm doing it now becoz my memory has been jogged - Stephan pointed me
there with his mailings.
I understand that Stephan is right in the middle of things at the moment so
u, Stephan, can just take this memory and put it away for a while ........
:) while the rest of us can mayb give it some more thought - bcoz it still
keeps coming back 2 me,

u cannot seperate the time we live in from the net we live in - we're
soaked in, and the net is only a part of the big sponge
u cannot invite the whole world 2 an event when u know the whole world
can't get in
u should not contribute 2 this hype (My opinion - mayb I'm too prudish)


I have been in the forest collecting wild berries and making jam with my
kids - we pick the berries of the season - this year is a good harvest -
blueberries, strawberries, raspberries. We eat it 4 breakfast on toast, on
our icecream - we may have some left at christmas.

I remeber reading a note: I no more desire a snow flake in June than a
rosebud in December, stuck on someone's freezer

ranting and raving in the summer heat,
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