Re: food for thought

Stephan Koplowitz (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 14:55:33 GMT

Dear Johannes, (I thought this had been sent earlier...)

Sorry to hear you couldn't get into the chat (I feel bad you stayed up)....a
couple of questions....

Do you have a java enabled browser? the pseudo chat program is all java.....

Are you working with a Mac?

If the answer is yes to both, what I recommend you do next time (you can test
this out anytime of day, the chat button is still on the site in the chat area
of Webbed Feats (backstage)..

Ok, what you can try to do, to get rid of the black screen is to RESIZE the
window....when I do that, the black screen kind of refreshes itself and I get
to see the chat area etc....

This may work if you are using a PC but on my Mac, I got the black screen
everytime and each time I resized the window, the chat area showed up...

OUR NEXT CHAT IS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13...8pm to 10pm NYC time...

We had a lively discussion with folks from Canada, Kansas City, North Carolina
and Yonkers! (and a couple of folks right in Manhattan)....

As far as working on Webbed Feasts.....I am so overwhelmed right now with
producing the LIVE, 6 hour event in Bryant Park right now...I begin rehearsals
with my 22 dancers next week...that I may have to jump in after September
17....or put in ideas whenever small windows appear....

but...if I was to build Webbed Feasts upond the Feats model....there would be
somekind of "call" for recipes, or perhaps a creative problem would be given
(send in recipes using only these four ingredients, nothing else.....)....or a
theme for the meal could be decided on...this theme could then be accompanied
during the meal by other art forms/media...... many issues, ideas, food, so little time!

by the way...

....we are still accepting submissions of all kinds to Webbed Feats...I've just
commissioned Christopher Sanderson of the Gorilla Rep Theater here in NYC to
direct both a 30 minute adaptation of Goethe's Faust (just part 1) and the
online version which still needs scenes....his productions are going to be
quite lively and wonderful...if anyone can, uyou



Packer Collegiate Institute
Brooklyn, NY USA