RE: food for thought

Johannes Birringer (
Fri, 1 Aug 97 00:54 +0100

Hallo DTZ members,

I am back from my second trip to documenta and the MAKROLAB workstation on the
hill, about which I will write a report soon.

Discovered that the webbedfeasts idea and the food idea in general are liked and
welcomed, and hope we can continue to develop plans and proposals for such an
event (December, beginning of the year?). I propose we collect proposals for
1) recipies (food and content of such a topos as "shareware")
2) cooking (telecommunications-wise)(interaction wise)
3) performance (eating)
4) how to make it a shared "conference" of dishes

re: conference or chat: I tried to follow Stephen's (webbedfeats) invitation to
take part in the pseudoradio chat and exchange, stayed up late (european time),
and somehow only ended up with a black screen when I clicked to get into the
chat situation. Sorry).

Johannes Birringer