too busy/dance and film/movable feast ?'s

Andrea Sferes (
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 15:37:04 -0400

Scott, thank you for your encouraging post to act irrresponsibly on this
list. I have been refraining from comment because the subject matter is
refreshingly in depth and I feel I don't have time to respond appropriately.

First of all, I want to graciously thank you and Johannes for reading and
responding to the Caplan piece. I am going to call him, inform him of the
discourse, and encourage him to partake in the list. I've also forwarded in
the email to Kelly Hargraves,the piece's writer. I believe, she is working
on a response.

Scott, I completely agree with your comments on definition, distinction
and difference (if I may be so bold as to abbreviate and generalize your
meanings) between expressions in technology. Technology's increasingly
seamless interfacing with our physical existance is what I find
specifically exhausting, liberating and confusing. Working directly with
the web seems to perpetuate a constant inner doubletaking of the medium,
how it compares to the "old", what is its affect on the original "piece" be
that text, image, video or dance, and how can we discover a new approach.
As the digital world becomes more familiar I find this doubletaking process
falling away leaving a kind of meshing of areas I never before thought
possible. To quote some colleagues of mine...."We are busy creating an
original medium that embodies the age we live in, one that reflects the
integration of multiple artistic disciplines and cultures.". This comes
from The Gertrude Stein Reperatory Theater which leads me to my next

As far as Moveable Feast goes and a question that has ensued regarding
video teleconferencing; there is presently a lot of teleconferencing
software being developed on a proprietary level. The Gertrude Stein Rep
Theater has made some remarkable alliances with Technology companies that
has allowed them access to experimentation and usage, and more importantly,
developmental influence. See which covers
their usage of Lucent's Persyst. I have seen this software in action and
its pretty cool though bandwith issues "persyst". They have done some
interesting work incorporating the jump frames into their creative
concepts. See for an overview of the company.

..and for a bit of shameless self-promotion. Please keep Dance Online
informed as to your online performances. This is an area we very much want
to keep abreast of and partake in. (Moveable Feast sounds like an
interesting prospect. An artist here, Clarinda Mac Low, is also working on
a performance event incorporating a meal eatten by audience and performers)
I know Stephan K expressed an interest, maybe we could organize a live
global performance feast implementing the concept of Johannes friend (?)...

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