a chance to chat tomorrow....

Stephan Koplowitz (SKoplowitz@packer.edu)
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 14:05:42 GMT

Dear Folks at dance-tech,

I would love to be able to "see" lots of you at a live chat that I am hosting
to discuss Webbed Feats....it will be a chance to discuss the project's
progress (or lack thereof), answer questions of all kinds etc.....
Hey...we could even start to plan Webbed Feasts......

So...it will be on Weds night, July 23 (tomorrow) from 8pm until 10pm (NYC
Below are instructions on how to join in...

>1. At the page http://www.webbedfeats.org/prod/show.html click on the
>>Pseudo Chat Button
>>2. Enter your chat name
>>3. When the client is opened Click on LIST ROOMS
>>4. Double Click on the word "Arts"
>>5. Double Click on the word "WebbedFeats"
>>You will then be in the WebbedFeats room.
Show up early and get a good name.....


Steve K.
>Packer Collegiate Institute
>Brooklyn, NY USA