RE: L.A./Kassel

Johannes Birringer (
Fri, 18 Jul 97 22:33 +0100

Hi everyone,

wanted to send greetings to Troika Ranch (good luck in L.A.) and Steve
(webbed.feats) for keeping us connected after the busy weeks of debate on
animation, which I missed since I had too much garden work to do.

Anybody out there (this side of the atlantic) interested in meeting at the
documenta x? I will be there, and some other folks on this list are coming, on
the weekend of July 24-28. We could meet in the Hybrid WorkSpace and do some
interfaces with the DJs there. Everyone still exhausted from the Berlin
LoveParade - the reactions to the Parade in the German media is most funny.
has anybody thought about or explored techno/parade dancing for their work
[guy ?] - i.e. non-stop sampling/dancing for 24 hours? Any explorations of
ecstasy or comments on drum 'n bass as a soundstructure for digital danceworks?

from the countryside,
Johannes Birringer