Re: "take a look at this web site" 3

Johannes Birringer (
Fri, 18 Jul 97 22:08 +0100

Hello Steve,

thanks for your lovely response and the spirit in which you took my
questions/comments. I had some other work to do last night on documenta x and
observing MIR#s troubles, and didn't spend enough time to study the Promenade
and Bytes sections.

I realize now, as you mention the group of 22 dancers, that you actually have a
big project ahead of you, if you and your team are going to respond to,
interpret, improvise with inputs arriving at the website. I do believe it is a
fascinating concept and procedure, even if I may have a few small reservations
about the nature of "bytes" or very small contributions snet out in the cold,
and the issue of the actual event on-site (in the park) and how it will be
perceived/understood (i.e. does the local audience at Bryant Park have insight
into how the webbed event was generated, and how would they perceive the
interpretations, and how will the contributors see/experience the interpretation
by the dancers (I am sure you will post clips, images? sounds? - which brings us
back to the question of how the feedback loop operates in this case, where you
move from virtual to actual to virtual (out of sync, in synchronicity?).

Can an outdoor space be wired and uplinked via cameras? and have you had
experience with, say, announcing an event on the Internet and inviting folks,
like from DTZ, to "be there"? how does that work (I think Amanada and others
have tried it, but we never discussed the results of a live net interface, did

Loved your comments (and ideas) on "webbed feasts" and a real cybercooked meal.
Any volunteers out there with funky recipies?

best wishes,

Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co.