Re: Troika Ranch in Los Angeles

nik (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 10:27:55 -0800

>In any case, for Angelenos, we perform on Saturday July 19th at the Luckman
>Fine Arts Complex at CalState Los Angeles during the Dance Kaleidoscope
>Festival. Just one piece on the evening, but Dawn and I are very excited to
>perform in our old home of LA. Specifics about location, etc., are on our
>web page at
>Perhaps some of you from this list will be there and we will get to meet in
>person. (Nik - are you coming?) We will be around for a few days, so let me
>know if anyone from this list is interested in meeting face-to-face.

I'm like - the only Angeleno in the world without a car - ya know. But i'll
try if its not too many bus hops to CalState Los Angeles (wherever that
is?). If there are any other Angelenos on this list who are going - i'll
pay for gas etc.?

Also if your in the area and want to see some ultra-secret web stuff the
med center here is doing - i'll be happy to show u or if u just want to get
coffee and talk about dance. Also i can show u a prototype of 'the
blackbook' (a dance directory with several thousand address' phone, fax,
url's, etc. - for companies, foundations, schools etc. related to dance).
It should be online anyways by late next week - yea!!!!!! = ) Which will be
nice for me 'cuz its been a big pain in the b@tt - formating data from so
many differntent sources so they could be put together in one db.

anuone else on this list in the area who is interested is welcome as well.



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