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Mark Coniglio (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 08:11:24 -0400

I have been woefully silent for a spell, being in the midst of preparations
for our gig in Los Angeles on Saturday. Every day the list of items
regarding animations and other subjects got longer, but I just couldn't get
together the time to read them.

In any case, for Angelenos, we perform on Saturday July 19th at the Luckman
Fine Arts Complex at CalState Los Angeles during the Dance Kaleidoscope
Festival. Just one piece on the evening, but Dawn and I are very excited to
perform in our old home of LA. Specifics about location, etc., are on our
web page at

Perhaps some of you from this list will be there and we will get to meet in
person. (Nik - are you coming?) We will be around for a few days, so let me
know if anyone from this list is interested in meeting face-to-face. I will
still be getting email, so you can drop a line to if you
want to reach me.

OK for now. I'll digest recent postings soon, perhaps even on the plane...

Mark Coniglio

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