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Scott deLahunta (
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 14:28:51 +0200

Been watching the discussion on lifeforms with interest -- but without time
to contribute. I did not see anyome mentioning the work currently being done
to link mo-capture to lifeforms which is going to bring a new dimension to
the game, but maybe I missed it. But this brings me to my reason for finally
around to making a post to this list: I have updated the *dance and
technology zone*'s bibliography and critical theory section. One of the
additions is a short description by Thecla Schiphorst of the work she is
involved with to bring these two here-to-fore separate technologies together
in the 'electric body project' ( Now, I
know there is some work being done in England and a little in Holland on
this, but I don't have details.

I have also added links to an article by Johannes Birringer which is a long
and very detailed description of the interactive/ multimedia/ performance
workshop he ran last summer at Split Screen in Chichester. For anyone about
to embark on such a workshop... you should read this piece for its insights
into some of the problems, both practical and theoretical, you are likely to

There are some new pieces from Thecla (besides the one above), in particular
one called 'Body Noise' which is an impassioned plea to "disentangle our
body's of knowledge" -- to get the physical back into the discourses of

Also, a couple of pieces from Sally Jane Norman, in particular 'Acting and
Enacting' on the new participatory, immersive live art forms which are
emerging at the dividing line between seeing and doing -- a relationship
which maintains its historically continual state of tension in regards to

... and Robert Wechsler's 'Computers and Art' -- a dancer's perspective,
and, from the other angle, Claudio Pinhanez's 'Computer Theater'.

A couple of new links in the bibliography section rounds out the new
additions for now.


Last bit of Zone business: I encourage all of you who are reading this list
to be sure to add any upcoming events you are aware of to the Zone -- and
add your name to the artists links if you have not already and you think it
appropriate. Just vist the Zone pages to see where/ how to do this.


Best, Scott
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