Re: animations

Richard Lord (
Sat, 12 Jul 97 00:07:01 +0100

>>Lifeforms is good for composition - orienting dancers in a space, seeing
>>the path they travel on the floor, orchestrating the timing, creating
>>pattern, theme and variation, etc. You can export LF movement scripts to
>>other 3D packages for modeling and rendering.
>>Leslie Bishko
>thanks for writing.
>yes, THEORETICALLY it is not hard to see how LF could be useful to a
>choreographer. my question is, in teh real world, what choreographers have
>found this to be true . I.E. use it with any consistency, or even
>occaisionally in toward this end (note my comment about Merce's use of LF).
>i do not ask the question rhetorically, that is, i could well believe there
>are some out there.
>i just haven't met any, and, as i said, from my own experience, have trouble
>to see much value for the tool in this application.
>are you a choreographer? what are your experiences?

I've been using LifeForms for five years now. I use it a lot for
animation. But when it comes to choreographing live dance I find real
dancers in a real space is a much more efficient (and enjoyable) way to
work. Both sketching the idea and refining the detail are much quicker
with real dancers than LifeForms.

The middle ground for me is when choreographing for film/video. Then I
find lifeforms can usefully be used to plan camera angles, and I've also
used it to generate a moving storyboard before getting in the studio.


Richard Lord
London, UK