Re: Dimension Beam

Richard Povall (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 21:45:17 +0700

>Richard Povall wrote:
>> Most of the IR beam sensing systems I've seen merely sense distance
>> from their source. I did a project with six of them, but there was MASSES
>> of spurious data coming into the system that was very difficult to deal
>> with, even using a variety of filters with MAX.
>Is that six of one type in a single work, or six diffrent systems? How do
>these things work? Is it reflection of IR (more light sensed = closer)?

I was using six of one type in a single work, essentially encirling a solo
dancer, and each of the six was mapped to a different parameter at any
given time (or actually, each pair of three pairs was mapped to a different
parameter). I attempted to setup the beams so that they didn't interfere
with one another. I don't think they were IR, but ultrasonic, based I
think on the Polaroid rangefinder.


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