Re: back again!
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 22:18:36 +0200 (MET DST)

just recovering from "Motherboard/LawHat al-umm" performance and
installation at 6cyberconf. (de-rigged yesterday) and catching up with the
list - seeing new members joining - new discussions going round.

About video in performance - let me tell u how we did it this time - all
video material was run from the mac - small sequences which, rather than
being played straight off, can b played, stopped/frozen - played, ie
offering a flexibility, spontanety, rhythm, still images coming to life
with movement (sometimes under the dancers' command).

Some video images represented/were manifested as characters performing with
the realdancers - u may meet these characters embedded in the motherboard
homepages if u wish - the dancing babyclones - darth vader gets a
plunger(!). Others were text posters with moving arabic(right to left) and
still english texts, drawing dancers on and off the performing space.

Some video sections had there own sound mixed in to the general soundscape;
text posters read by the princess of speach manager, for eg, who then
performed a solo song in a cairoean instrumental version of the hit single
"I will always love u".

We aimed to move the media out of the media and into the space - and the
dancers in and out of the media, and in and out of the space - seamless and
surprising - breaking to join again - and I think it worked to some extent.

Commenting now on Scott's following thang:
"We need to catch up -- to pound out for ourselves a new zone
in which an individual's body is not perceived to be at the center of one's
experience, but is itself only one part of a decentered, complex and
strategically (in other words, 'we' still have agency) dispersed network of

- and agreeing, but also disagreeing - putting in a plea for the individual
in the plural - to b both centred and decentred at the same time. I'm a
gemini, b.t.w.

In my next mail I'll describe for u another work exhibited at eon (the arty
part of 6cyberconf.) called "solve" - described as machine/human mating.
Right now I have 2 throw in the towel and creep to bed.

BTW scott - I'v moved to a lower mail-space than u described - my mac is on
a low table - I sit Japenese-style, on a cushion - my screen is at the
same level as my head - my head is well balanced on the top of my spine -
the keyboard is right on the edge of the table such that my wrists move
horizontally, (elbows falling from shoulders), gently wresting on the
rounded table-edge. I can stretch out my legs, change posture - my hips
being on a slightly higher level than my feet - try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love amanda
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