Re: Dimension Beam

Tue, 17 Jun 1997 07:16:06 +1000

G J Hilton wrote:
> you might consider trying to track down information on
> their nasty website at

Yes, I see what you mean. More specifically, try looking at

and for MAX users

I haven't had a look at the MAX stuff yet because I'm on a text-only
terminal right now.

Mary-Lou asked:
> How does convert movement through space?

The web site claims that movement close to or away from, and side to side,
is detected. It's a bit ambiguous; since the thing is sort of dome-shaped,
side-to-side could be any orientation.

Richard Povall wrote:
> Most of the IR beam sensing systems I've seen merely sense distance
> from their source. I did a project with six of them, but there was MASSES
> of spurious data coming into the system that was very difficult to deal
> with, even using a variety of filters with MAX.

Is that six of one type in a single work, or six diffrent systems? How do
these things work? Is it reflection of IR (more light sensed = closer)?

The acoustic analogues of this would be systems like EMS Soundbeam, Steve
Mann's DopplerDanse and even Godfried-Willem Raes' Holosound.
(These use ultrasound.)

Regards, David