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Richard Povall (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 08:30:51 +0700

Thanks to Scott for the response re the possible summer workshop(s). Are
there any other thoughts out there about the possibilities for an
Ohio-based workshop, or a linking to other activities in Amsterdam and
Chichester (UK) during Summer '98?

If this even is going to happen stateside, it would be encouraging to know
now whether there is an interest in an in-depth workshop event rather than
a conference-style event. Once I return to the States in July, this will
be time to begin to organize the event, so any thoughts or responses would
be helpful. Thanks to those who already offered ideas and/or support!

>You have asked for some thoughts on what the workshop might be. There are
>many options of course and most of them could all benefit from more
>intensive workshops/projects. My personal interest these days is in seeing
>more work in the telematic area (this would be good for the multi-site) and
>the interactive performer environment. You know I just spent some time
>trying to set up a telematic thing here in AMsterdam which did not come
>through, but the discussion had evolved into talk of a very low tech setup
>using two adjacent rooms. In the interactive performer environment -- I
>would think a couple of things maybe ranging between the sort of work Mark
>and Troika Ranch do (for an audience) to the immersive installation
>environments such as Brenda Laurel's Placeholder. Trouble with Placeholder
>is that it took a HUGE amount of computing power, might be out of range. Or
>-- you could also include workshops using choreographing software and motion
>capture... I wonder if at that time motion capture and lifeforms will have
>found an efficient way to link the technologies. But, this again is quite
>heavy in terms of computing power.

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