summer 98

Richard Povall (
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 01:08:29 -0400

Hi list!

It's been a while since this was first mentioned, but I've been having a
few conversations here and there, and it seems like there is sufficient
support for the idea of hosting a Dance/Tech intensive here at Oberlin next
summer. This would NOT be a conference, but a hands-on workshop/intensive
for a relatively limited number.

Any thoughts/interest out there for this? What kind of thing should this
be? How should it be set up? How cheap do we need to make it to have it
be viable for people (I'm envisioning one week minimum, two week max)?
Should we try to setup "scholarship" support for those without
institutional backing? What can be achieved? Should we try to make this

I'm off to England for six weeks tomorrow, but I'll be online while there.
May be out of touch for a few days, however.


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