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Mark Coniglio (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 08:59:50 -0400

Richard Lord said

>I like the initial screen. It interests me with its sense of
>technological complexity mixed with a little grungy chaos. However,
>beyond this point I felt cheated. The rest of the dance was not as good
>as this screen and your message led me to expect.

and after a big [snip] continued...

>In next.html the level of interactivity is much less than I was led to

and finally

>I wonder what Noah Stollman was really trying to create with this dance.
>If it is, as claimed, a web dance then I consider it a total failure by
>someone who doesn't understand the medium (the web) or the technology
>(the internet, HTML, etc.) with which she is working. If it is a sketch
>of an experimental idea by someone trying to figure out how this new
>medium works then it's a start with some promise and many problems. Keep
>working on it.

I think that, in terms of my own feelings, I can agree with Richard on his
first point above. I came to the site with high expectations, and the
opening screen reinforces this feeling, and the rest doesn't totally live
up to that.

As for stuff like causing your computer to crash (it didn't on mine) and
not fitting on a 15" screen, these problems mean little to me because they
are purely technical ones. I mean, its our _job_ to get the computer to
crash, right? ;-)

All of that being said, what was most interesting to me was the style of
the piece. I have been doing a lot of surfing around looking at shockwave
stuff lately, and "3E" seems to fit into some of the recent work that I
have been looking at. If you have shockwave, take a look at some of these
sites: (which Andrea mentions in her post) (especially the first short movie)

or the check out the "Golden Shoes" quicktime clips at

or the design of

In addition to the to be expected slick and shiny corporate showckwave
sites, what I am seeing is a stylistic direction that is directly informed
by the limitations of bandwidth and by medium itself. I am also seeing, in
the grainy, low-res production values a reaction to all that corporate
stuff. I feel like there is something going on out there that I am not
totally in touch with, but feels like something that is about to bubble up
to the surface.

Ahhhhh, I have more to say but am running out of time. More later.

-- Mark

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