Re: DEd programs/LisaN & SandiK

Keitha Donnelly Manning (
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 18:00:05 -0500

Lisa -

Love the addition of _actual choreography_. My perception is that when
I mention technology it is assumed that I have entered the world of
_geekdom_ and have removed myself from the physical experience of dance.

Consider your information in the database I am collecting. Most of it
was already there, but I needed clarification.

To Sandi Kurtz -
There is precious little out there that can be uncovered regarding dance
education. I empathize with the developers, since I too had chosen to
abandon my project rather than release it and have it ravaged by the
dance technologists and the dance historians, opps almost forgot the
technique experts Nancy Kane had said that after she completed her diss
she would investigate why dancers don't want their work in technology
released to the public.

In light of all that I've said, my list is slowly growing.

Back to Lisa -
Information from NDA will be requested and sent to you at the address in
your signature.

I'm not able to attend SDHS this year. The workshops at Ohio State have
intrigued me, so I've decided to investigate.


Lisa Marie Naugle wrote:
> Keitha
> Yes, I am available for hire - workshops, consulting, presenting
> information on developing an online course, creatiing dances from Lifeforms
> and to actual choreography, etc.
> Thanks for passing the information on.
> Also, I would like to join NDA. Can you send me some information?
> I will be in New YOrk from June 17-26. Some of that time I will be at the
> Scholars in Dance History Conference. Will you be attending the
> conference?
> Bye for now,
> Lisa
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