Re: Introduction/Interactive Web Dance

Tue, 10 Jun 1997 06:59:02 +1000

Mark Coniglio wrote:

> So it feels lo-tech, but here we are viewing it on the via the internet.

I haven't had a look at this site yet (I'm text-only, at home), so I can't
attest to the low-tech nature of it. However, despite the recent improvements
in bandwidth (this is very noticeable here in Australia), real-time
transmission of anything over the Internet is dodgy because the latter is
a packet-switching network. Packets might not get there in time to be
assembled in order, and if amajor node between you and the transmitter
goes down, it becomes worse. So, for applications such as these, I don't see
the net as particularly high-tech.

(Let's recall that the net was built as a packet-switching network to route
around damage from a nuclear war. Now, all that Cold War stuff is out of

Thoughts, anyone?

Regards, David