Introduction/Interactive Web Dance

Andrea Sferes (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 12:05:27 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Dance-tech folk,

I've been lurking on this list for a couple weeks and have found it very
informative. I am grateful for the information posted here and am looking
forward to reading future postings. I wanted to introduce myself and the
site I produce Dance Online ( for those of you
who are not familiar with us.

Dance Online features reviews, articles, short form writing for previews
and listings for nyc, photo exhibits, interviews, artist profiles with
video, links and now, interactive dance pieces. We are interested in all
things related to dance as it intersects with technology so please be sure
to send us your info regarding your dance tech projects (you can e me at We are also interested in collaborating with other
groups or artists in projects that help us discover the potential of dance
on the internet. Additionally, we are available for hire in web development
projects (clients include The Gertrude Stein Reperatory Theater, NBC
Interactive, T3 Media, Inc, The Environment Defense Fund)

At the moment we are presenting an interactive w e b d a n c e: "3E: A
Dance for Limited Space and Bandwidth",, created by artist Noah Stollman, a
regular contibutor to "" ( ).

Dancer Sigal Bergman moves in various rooms of apartment 3E unfolding
different phrases while you determine their order. The piece allows you to
choose a room and consequently, a dance.

I am very interested in the insight from this group. I you get a chance to
offer your feedback I would be grateful.

Thanks so much!
Andrea Sferes
Executive Producer
Dance Online