ballet in cyberspace
Mon, 26 May 1997 20:58:49 -0400 (EDT)

Reading recent postings about software - do these sorts of programmes and
the sort of hardware needed to run them exist outside a university or
research setting?

Here in the UK ballet dancers go into the profession through vocational
schools usually at around 18 years and don't go through university. Even
those vocational schools which offer degree courses are still privately run,
not on university campuses with neighbouring IT departments, and don't have
the resources to fund the kind of infrastructure mentioned by David Kroth
(funding vocational training here is a chronic problem these days).

In the USA are university dance departments feeding ballet companies?
Because that would obviously be a way for a knowledge of the possibilities
of dance with computers to seep into ballet at professional level. As
things are as Cynthia said most ballet people have no contact at any stage
of their training or professional life and therefore no idea of what they
might be missing.

I am just wondering what alternatives there are for accessing/learning about
this stuff if you are in a ballet company or an independent dancer living
from one project to the next.