RE: interactivity follow up/transdance

Jools Gilson-Ellis (
23 May 1997 17:27:46 +0000 (GMT)

My mailman (postman in Ireland) knocks at the door and shouts 'Jools' over
the B52s, and then when I peek out of the bathroom with a towel round me,
places the parcel on the kitchen floor and says "are you having a bloody
disco?" That's how my mail man delivers - in answer to Johannes.

I find this list through a bunch of white and rust-orange chrysanthemums.
Away for a Saturday a fortnight ago, I come home to find two messages about
flowers waiting to be delivered. And it's not my birthday. On the Sunday I
drive the 30 mile round trip to Macroom to pick them up fom Colm Cronin. I
don't understand the message, and I can't think who they're from. In the
rain, and through the Cork / Kerry football match traffic, I work out it's
one of you. After I root through my address book and find the number, I
ring you up and say "did you send me some flowers?", and you tell me about
this list and the discussions about the performance I did with Aliennation
in Atlanta. So you send me back-chat, and I get hooked, and listed. And
I've sat here loitering, eavesdropping. So here goes.

Are any of you going to the MULTIMEDIA AND DANCE PEDAGOGY workshop in
Limerick, Ireland, June 23rd - 26th?

In the work that Richard Povall and I have begun, I am interested in the
slippage between utterance and gesture: how it is I become confused between
the two. My vocal gesture altered by my moving and my moving altering the
vocal gesture. I am interested in what happens to a female performing body
when such things become unsettled. When the dancer speaks. Sings. And sings
a different body into space. I want a bloody technology - one that asks
visceral, grubby questions.